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Who is the society?… The different communities we live in? the general public? the population of the world at large? mankind? humankind?……..…aliens or animals? ha-ha The society we live in builds some of our characters. I say, the society comprises of anybody or anything that influences primarily of how you make decisions to do anything. It may be the pastor

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During our first year,first semester in the university,we had this lecturer who taught us a unit that had alot of math.Apparently not  many students had a good past with maths in their yester-years.After one a half months of lessons,he gave us a quiz.This quiz usually contiributed some percentage of the marks/points that made our final grade.Actually at the end ,the

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Out of all the level of schools I attended, I must say only primary was the one I most enjoyed. But I got devastated when I reached in class seven. The schools structure changed such that class seven and eight was to be reshuffled. They put the bright kids in one room and the rest of us who were average

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