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An adventurous joyful soul that seeks nothing but the truth beneath humanity.


Who is the society?… The different communities we live in? the general public? the population of the world at large? mankind? humankind?……..…aliens or animals? ha-ha The society we live in builds some of our characters. I say, the society comprises of anybody or anything that influences primarily of […]


During our first year,first semester in the university,we had this lecturer who taught us a unit that had alot of math.Apparently not  many students had a good past with maths in their yester-years.After one a half months of lessons,he gave us a quiz.This quiz usually contiributed some percentage […]

The Power Politricks

For a while now I’ve been fascinated by the difference in the concept of power and authority in the western world as compared to Africa. Partly because of my experiences “outside here” working for a firm that embraces a western culture of management. Everybody being equal and on […]

KIND souls

You called and we came with kindness in the name of love,we gave priceless we ignored the disrespectful treatment for we focused on forward achievement   we did come for another cause certainly not to abide by your laws but because of the innocent pure souls that deserved […]


A poisonous snake entered our home from a far i smelled its toxic foam but slowly it crawled its way inside and i knew it was going to create divide It grew fond of one prey and yet we watched them get away because of the prey that […]


Mental illness has become an increasing epidemic striking all kinds of ages, ethnicity, gender….it can strike anyone. A definition of mental hygiene is the art of preserving the mind against all accidents and influences calculated to deteriorate its qualities, impair its energies or derange its movements. Or in […]


“Do not judge others” are very basic common words that we have heard occasionally in our lifetime. Funny enough only few people practice it even after been sensitized about it using some real-life scenarios. We always look at somebody in one instance and we start contemplating these thoughts […]