Who is the society?… The different communities we live in? the general public? the population of the world at large? mankind? humankind?……..…aliens or animals? ha-ha

The society we live in builds some of our characters. I say, the society comprises of anybody or anything that influences primarily of how you make decisions to do anything. It may be the pastor at your church, the teacher in your school, the leaders around you, employers or employees you interact with, the kind of parents you have, the siblings you got, the friends you hang out with, any policy and decision makers around you, celebrities or the media. It is basically everybody who has the power to influence your thoughts or beliefs towards you and others.

I feel like our society is growing apart. There is rapid advancement in this world, however, its drifting us apart. Sometimes we misuse these advancements, instead of using them by their most original true purpose. As a result, people are exposed to what is not necessary. There is negligence towards one another. We have come along way, but we are not getting better as we should.

The Great Aristotle once said, Educating the mind without the heart is no Education at all. We are focusing so much on education of the mind which refers to the importance of not only focusing on developing the cognitive aspects (our minds) but also all the qualities that make us human (our hearts) and ultimately give us meaning in our lives. The society today is so focused on the mindset without forgetting understanding the true deep impact of human welfare which is from the heart. Educating only the mind means creating a person with no feelings, a person who knows everything but cannot use it even in the slightest bit for human welfare. Awakening the mind only is worthless, instead the soul too, should be captured. By this we will focus on our distinct purpose.

A lot of children are exposed these days and I pity those who do not help them to a certain limit. They need adult guidance, but this guidance must come from also any adult by recognizing our faults and learning by them and in this way, we will be able to teach honestly. There is no need to say some things are okay while they are not. Stand by your ground, THEE RIGHT ground but most importantly encourage. Give that child constant feedback on how they are faring. Give good complements and areas where to improve Encourage and always encourage. Tell them to find what they love and pursue that with all their heart not just their minds. Punish, but explain at their level why you are punishing. Don’t just do it. The world is changing and its affecting mostly those born with the we should also change on the way we approach everything including the young people. Also have an ear to listen before you act.

Am tired sometimes of watching news these days. Bad news after bad news and yet the access to these televisions is to people killing each other is about to become a norm. The media should somehow regulate their news ad at least bring some positive news along with the negative news. This will create balance on what is been put in people’s brain. A photographic memory is at risk here. The flashing pictures and videos of endless bad news. Life has both good and bad. But we should focus more on the good than the bad and these will also train our minds to hope for the good more rather that bad memories all the time.

I think we are raising ourselves more on the materialistic approach instead of the sense of belonging kind of approach. Even though some say that material things are not anything, we both know deep down that we have proved enough that these are the things that matter nowadays. We compare ourselves with people. If they got less, you see as if they are not doing well and if they have more, you see them as a threat and start wishing you would have more. Pressure starts, and you try your best to get them even if you do not need. Many of us are Ego driven these days hence cannot have the basis to understand people who are below you. It is like their no existence of a happy life if it does not have material things. We need to at least create balance and harmony that is created by nature. The society needs to establish true values that are vital for each humankind.

And the most saddening thing is sometimes we choose to do nothing about it, we just roll with it. We need each other but we are tearing each other done. Money and power are becoming important than offering health to people. Some cannot be treated without having money at the counter for treatment to commence. Health fees is becoming expensive particularly specialist. Have you the people who have conditions that you have never imagined they exist and these people who have them take time before they go to see the doctor. Why?….. monies! You see, this is educating the mind without the heart. If the heart was educated like the mind, I only imagine how far humanity would have progressed. The smiling faces when we see each other because we know we are here to help each other with our different gifts. I pray that one day we come to our sense using both hearts and minds to come together and redefine our purpose

SO, what can we do to better this society to its true purpose?

Written by Lyfe


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