During our first year,first semester in the university,we had this lecturer who taught us a unit that had alot of math.Apparently not  many students had a good past with maths in their yester-years.After one a half months of lessons,he gave us a quiz.This quiz usually contiributed some percentage of the marks/points that made our final grade.Actually at the end ,the lecturer was supposed to give us 3 quizes,which all in total, contributed 30% of our course work and the final exam would be 70% which sums up the total marks to be out of 100% which would then determine our final grade.

At our surprise,most of us failed..well most of us had below 10 out of 30.You know what was the most funny part to me😂…..,i had a 1 out of 30 and yet in my previous years,i was so good at math,like way back in the years i used to hold The ‘best in math’badge in the overall class.So i gazed over some of my friends papers and one  had 3 out of 30, another 5 out of 30 ,the other 8 out of 30😐 and  another 😢..11 out of 30.But i gave myself comfort that there was some  2 or 3 people who had 0 points out of 30.ha!

So our lecturer saw some faces ,how some of us laughed but deep down it was defeated hopes of ever passing the unit.He looked at us and said,”why are you guys worried about this one quiz.”and we looked at him with the “what do you mean faces?.”He continued, “take an  example of the one who got 0 out of 30 and i give the second quiz and he or she still scores 0 and then the third and final quiz u try so much harder and get 15 out of 30.If i convert this marks to the 30% ,it will be 5%.And so because you are determined to pass this final exam which i know you can and will!,you work hard and strike a 65 out of 70% ,this would be so great! because if you combine the 65% and 5% ,your final marks will be 70% and according to this university ,a grade A starts from 70%.That means you would have achieved something excellent!…….So! can you all  stop worrying about this one quiz because you can still achieve a good grade and be happy at the end with the other chances left.”

We laughed but this time it was laughter with some hope restored.I don’t know about the other students but i enjoyed the rest of the lessons  of that unit till the end, even if the content been taught was hard and i did not understand a thing.

The lecturer also did give us hope again in one of the classes,He taught some topic where majority of us did not understand anything.He tried so hard to get some of us on board and then at some point he looked at us smiling and said,”Don’t worry ,i still got more topics to teach,and am sure you will get something out of the rest, you will understand.”He just amazed me and i just remebered hoping to get more lecturers like him in the following semesters so that i can find more motivation to complete my degree because it was tough.I thank God for such people in this life.They try give you hope or see the possibility of doing  impossible even if you don’t feel it.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”..<japanese proverb>

Written by Lyfe




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