“Do not judge others” are very basic common words that we have heard occasionally in our lifetime. Funny enough only few people practice it even after been sensitized about it using some real-life scenarios. We always look at somebody in one instance and we start contemplating these thoughts we have of them and yet we have no idea what life has been to them. People have this perception that just because am better than somebody, it means they are basically nothing and yet we are equal in the eyes of God.

We are all entitled to our opinions but if that opinion will not make somebody a better person, just keep it inside. It is what a wise man would do. Respect has been shattered as the years goes by. Some of us do not know how to respect somebody’s privacy, beliefs, feelings. We need to just let it go of people’s own being. There is a reason we have different opinions and that justifies that we are all different individuals. But instead of using those opinions to bring somebody down, they should be used for a common good.

Night to night the world is a working ecosystem which we are all an apart of. We strive for what is the best for ourselves. The question is what should be considered best; power, money, ego, more material things or happiness, spirituality, unity, justice. These days we are told that everybody should be for themselves, but should it be like that? Or are we supposed to work all together as human kind. Sometimes I personally think the world is getting harder and harder to keep up with because we are not doing what we are originally created to do. To help each other and not to just don’t care about each other alone, to love one another and not despair one another, to educate each other and not to belittle others, to lead our children with moral virtues and values and, we ourselves leaving must leave with these values that we teach the young ones because kids always do what the adults do. They see more than you think.

The thing is we must do these things not expecting anything from it. We should do these acts as if we are not doing it for the men but for our supreme creator because he dwells in each one of us. Furthermore, it is more blessed to give than to receive. It doesn’t matter where one comes from or where they are going to, we have an obligation to whoever made us and to work together. Otherwise it takes different workers to keep a company running so why can’t we show these commitments when it comes to helping each other outside work. But we should work together without interfering with each other’s existence, of how each of us is made and to how another does his or her own things. There should be no pressure to live up to anybody’s life. People need to understand, everybody has his or her own time. Don’t intimidate the other because yours came earlier, but instead encourage!

Never make somebody uncomfortable of whom they truly are. Don’t expect somebody to be perfect as you are. Just because you are perfect in doing one thing doesn’t mean that the next person should be perfect. The only way these people can meet your standards is by teaching them patiently and with consistency but do not expect them to be some magical voodoo person who should do as you want. If you have the tendency to do this, just stay away from people who are striving to survive and leave them alone. The will be better off if you do not come into their lives. Everybody wants to change the world but only a few are willing to change themselves.

There is no need to criticize someone every time, always encourage and before you know it somebody will show better results than when you criticize all the time. Here is the thing about criticizing, it depends how you are doing it. If you criticize without even the slightest appreciation on any little effort done, then that person will be always demotivated. But if you criticize and have a sense of appreciation or encourage on the little done, that person will even work hard more than the one you repetitively just criticized with no encouragement.

The thing is we all have this battle called life. It should be a beautiful journey for each one of us, so don’t try to make anybody’s life hard by bringing your judgmental thoughts around them. Why don’t you go and change your attitude first and you will even see how bizarre of you to be judge in the first place. But if you do judge, I happen to believe in this principle called KARMA. OH! it works. Your intents and actions will influence your future at some point. Be mean and the world will be mean to you but be loveable and the world will love you back and what a wonderful feeling it is to be loved, to be adored because of your kind heart. But it should be a true heart not a pretentious one where you are nice at home but outside home you are mean or vice versa. No! it should be everywhere that you are at all times.

So, while you are at it figuring out your life try to help somebody out there in whatever way doesn’t have to be in monetary. It can be mentally, physically spiritually. Everybody has their own problems and so we should help each other out without the intentions of not mocking or gossiping that person out to another person. Avoid people who like putting your problems out there after you have told them.it is never right to go and talk about somebody else behind their back, it can create chaos. If you do not have the desire to make the next person a better person or save that person from something, then you got some soul searching to do.

Power has also been used to inherently abuse people’s rights. Until the leaders understand the real use of power then our country can never be a better place. But also, the citizens of a country should understand democracy and understand that they can change something if they truly want it to change. Imagine every citizen stand up against something, it will change without hesitation. But if we just sit and say that there is nothing we can do, or time is money so we all continue with our lives then we will never change anything. It because of misuse of power so many people are suffering especially the poor while we both know we can truly change these states. As Nelson Mandela once said,” Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made, and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.

Therefore, we all have a task on not to judge other people and it starts by the people we live around to those we have never like celebrities. There is no need to be egoistic but be humble. One of my favorite speeches in BET awards was given by Smokey Robinson who was honored with the lifetime achievement award in 2015.In some part he said;

 We all should know from who our blessings come. You didn’t start this. You are not the first in line. The line started way way way way before your great, great, great grandparents were born. Also, you are not the end of the line. It didn’t start with y’all, and it’s not going to end with ya’ll, so don’t be so full of yourselves.


Written by Lyfe Chami





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  1. This what i posted today on facebook. ” If you have the light you don’t blind you fellow brother who is in the dark by shining your light on him. Instead walk by his side and shine the light ahead so he can see the way and lead him through”


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