Out of all the level of schools I attended, I must say only primary was the one I most enjoyed. But I got devastated when I reached in class seven. The schools structure changed such that class seven and eight was to be reshuffled. They put the bright kids in one room and the rest of us who were average kids were then divided with no order to occupy the other rooms. This is how we started to compete each other;

There was one room in class eight with the top students and so in class seven. And then there were six other rooms, three with the rest of the average class seven pupils and the other three with the rest of the class eight pupils. At the end of every term, trophies were awarded to best class but the top class seven and eight competed against each other.

I was a little bit disappointed when it turned out that way. I always wondered why we were separated like that. Felt like discrimination but I got over it after some time when my fellow “average “friends told me it’s going to be alright.

Although one thing I knew is my self-esteem grew down a little bit after the reshuffle. I just had to hustle to tell yourself that there is nothing wrong in being an average kid in terms of your grades and leaned on hope that perhaps there was another gift out there for me apart from books.

High school came and there you are with in boarding school with your fellow teenage girls. I reported in school later than the expected date. I found the girls in my class had already formed their positions in class, so I had to be one of the back benchers. Funny enough I enjoyed the back benchers, we were noisy and laughing out loud.It was quite interesting because we were behind the class prefect. Sometimes we saw if she was attentive to write noise makers and we pretend to be silent but sometimes we either way ended up in the noisemakers list. It was that interesting till form two and then in form three we were reshuffled positions in class and somehow noise makers were separated. I somehow then got serious in my studies, but I missed the pack, made me forgot of the grownup life ahead.

The last two years of high school were tough, the school principal was changed, and she was so tough on us until we started referring our school from the harry potter series “Prison of Azkaban”. Some of the school activities were banished, funkies and other that we enjoyed simply been told it was a waste of time. In my opinion, too much strictness will lead to a lot of craziness. We did grow, not wild but “vichwa ngumu”. I particularly liked how we boo! At the principal at the parade one day and after we were asked to produce those we thought boohooed, funny answers were written

One wrote “I was listening to you madam attentively I did not pay attention to the noise”

Another wrote, “I heard the noise from the other corner I could not see”

It was just stories and no name were produced, I was proud of our form four class. We stood together for once although we missed like a class when the deputy was trying to figure out who did make the noise in the assembly hall.

We survived prison of Azkaban at last and we were free to the world before we knew it.

Free time passed by and there was University. First, when I entered the university I did some tests to be enrolled. The most interesting part was when we were done with the tests and we were taken to have some tea and snacks. We did not know each other so there were different class of people surrounding the people. I sat on a table where with our innocent faces, we were quiet. We only talked to each other if we needed to pass something. I was just observing around.One took out her smartphone and she started looking at it. I saw the guy next to him removing his phone but was hiding down with the table because it was a cheap phone. The way people were eating is like high class. I even hesitated to add more snacks and I regretted living them. Some were dressed appropriately while some of us were just against the dress code. After all we were not sure if we would all be enrolled, luckily, I was. The next four years were full of ups and downs. This is where u really make your life or break it. Peer pressure is real. Some dropped out, some us endured till the end. At least we enjoyed all the resources including WIFI,haha….the dot com generation!We finally graduated and set to face the res  of our life.

In today’s society ,there is a lot emphasis on education but i think the way we educate our children and youth is not the right way.From the minute we start school,its a series of repetitive tasks that we do and some of them are recurred to the next class or so.The school curriculum tends to confine us in a particular way that does not enable us to release our full potential.Some even get to the tendency to loose there true purpose in life because they are not sure what to do if they have this kind of drive and force that is way beyond the school system and they get scared to come out of it as they are afraid that they will be deemed lost or crazy.

We have taught people to abide this certain system that they forget to live life.They should  be able to face real situations not theoretical  and be able to live with at most honesty and high integrity.We should thrive to make this world  a better place.It is better to self educate yourself in a way that leads to personal development to who we really are .Everybody is a genius in their own way.As it is said ;if you judge a fish by its ability to climb tree,it will its whole life believing it is stupid.Therefore,we should also not judge every student based on the education system,it may have not been their kind of genious climb.

Written by Lyfe Chami





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  1. Great eye opener, I have felt relieved and encouraged after reading your candid post. We were born geniuses but education ruined us. Your message has come out crystal clear.Thank you and keep it up…


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